Hacktrick Hackathon offered participants the opportunity to use their skills in coding and turn them into magic tricks that change people’s lives by coding a better world and assembling other people’s dreams to be within their reach.

It’s about cooperative human-AI task performance to help people thrive in the digital age. Hacktrick, you will help bridge a young community of the digital world through assembling educational workstations. 

Congratulations to Our Hackathon Winners

Students Track

Squad led by Ahmed Ali ElSayed, Karim Ahmed, Ziad Ahmed, Hazem Ahmed, Mahmoud Mohamed, and AbdelAziz ElSayed from Alexandria University.

Past Glory led by Hazem Hassan, Mahmoud Ebrahim, Ahmed Adel Salama, Ahmed Ayman, and Mahmoud Kamel from Alexandria University.

Esna led by Mohamed Youssef, Ashraf Ezzeldin, and Ahmed Abdou from The German University in Cairo.

Working Professionals Track

Late Submitters led by Ahmed Osama, Omar Khaled, Ahmed Ashraf, Yosri Khaled, Mostafa Waleed, and Abed Hossam.

Corridor Crew led by Mohamed Abdelhady, Doha Adel, and Ahmed Mokhtar.

Innovators led by Islam Mohamed, Zeyad Mohammed, Ali Tarek, and Maher Mohammed.

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