At Dell Technologies, we are working to create a digitally inclusive world. We’re committed to addressing the digital inequities we see around us every day. As part of this commitment, we will purposefully bring our people along with our portfolio of products and services to help lead community-centric initiatives that support digital inclusion. Dell Technologies also addresses societal challenges by introducing and deploying technologies that tackle pressing problems that affect millions of people around the globe. At the center of the emerging technologies that Dell Technologies incorporates, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security play a key role.

We believe AI will define our future, influence every aspect of our lives, and augment human capabilities. We also believe that developing more advanced AI skills is very crucial and strategic for the future success of any organization, business, or country. These skills will help future generations to create a better future that is enabled by technology and Innovation. For Dell Technologies, AI is very strategic, and it represents one of the key growth engines for the industry.

The evolving sophistication and impact of cyberattacks, from Ransomware and data theft to attacks on supply chains, has raised concerns within organizations that they are falling behind and becoming even more vulnerable. Despite widespread IT advancements, security remains an incredibly complex technology space to navigate. Organizations are dealing with an array of newly introduced “must-have” security requirements due to IT transformations, such as cloud and edge, as well as greater governmental regulations and reputational risks. At the same time, cloud- like experiences for security are becoming the norm. Organizations are demanding simplified and measurable assurances of security and trustworthiness across their cloud infrastructures and services. The industry has evolved to adapt security practices and recommendations to help organizations address the new and complex security challenges they are facing.

HackTrick Objectives

Dell Technologies “Hacktrick” is an idea that was introduced by Egypt center of Excellence. The objective is to build capacity & develop more hands-on skills on latest emerging technologies and tools, stimulate your creativity, and problem solving to bring a fresh perspective while creating a community where you meet new people, and share experiences. The Hackathon will give you an opportunity to put your skills and experience into practice, and to identify actionable solutions with time pressure. It will help you develop not only new skills, but your innovative and creative capabilities. It will help you understand AI, information security, and software engineering concepts, and test your skills readiness for tomorrow’s job market.